Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees
Miller Creek SD
December 11, 2018 5:30PM
Dixie School District 380 Nova Albion Way, San Rafael, CA 94903 Closed Session 6:00 p.m. - Open Session 7:00 p.m.

1. Initial Matters
1.1. Call to Order
1.2. Approval of Closed Session Agenda
1.3. Public Comment on Items on the Closed Session Agenda
2. Closed Session
2.1. Recess to Closed Session to consider and/or take action upon any item on the Closed Session agenda
2.2. With respect to every item of business discussed in closed session pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6: CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS District Designated Representative: Superintendent, Employee Organizations: All Employee Groups
2.3. With respect of every item of business discussed in closed session pursuant to Government Code Section 54957 PUBLIC EMPLOYEE EVALUATION - Superintendent
2.4. Reconvene to Open Session
3. Open Session Agenda
3.1. Pledge of Allegiance/Patriotic Salute
3.2. Announcement of Any Reportable Action Taken in Closed Session
3.3. Approval of Open Session Agenda
3.4. Performance by Miller Creek Choir
3.5. Public Comment on Items on the Open Session Agenda
4. Consent Agenda - Approval by Single Motion
4.1. Approval of Minutes November 13, 2018
November Minutes
4.2. Consideration of Approval for Staff to File Notice of Completion for the Vallecito Elementary School Modernization project.

The Vallecito Elementary School Modernization Project is Complete.

Recommended Motion:

It is recommended that the Board of Trustees approve the staff to file and record a Notice of Completion for the Vallecito Elementary School Modernization Project.

Vallecito Notice of Completion
4.3. Consideration of Approval for Staff to File Notice of Completion for the Mary Silveira Elementary School Modernization Project

The Mary Silveira Elementary School Modernization project is complete.

Recommended Motion:

It is recommended that the Board of Trustees approve the staff to file and record a Notice of Completion for the Mary Silveira Elementary School Modernization Project.

Mary Silveira Notice of Completion
4.4. Certificated Personnel Actions
Staffing Changes
4.5. Classified Personnel Actions: Updates and Changes
Recommended Motion:
Consideration and Approval is recommended.
Classified Employment
4.6. Translation Services

The District on occasion has had the need to hire individuals for translation services.  It is based on need (e.g. at a parent/teacher conference, forms/information, with registration, phone calls, etc.). The District does not always use the same person and staff is not always available..

Current Classified employees, if asked to do translation services, are paid their hourly rate. Current Certificated, if used, are paid the going hourly rate for extra hire teacher.

After reviewing the rates of other districts within the county and the increased needs of the District, Dixie District would like to establish an extra hire non-contracted rate of $25 per hour for Translation Services.

Recommended Motion:
Approval is recommended.
4.7. Rejection of Claim

Recommendation has been made by Keenan & Associates, our liability insurance claim administrators, for the Board to reject the following:  

Keenan Claim No.: 56289 Kumar vs. Dixie School District

Recommended Motion:
Rejection is recommended.
4.8. Quarterly Report on Williams Uniform Complaints

As outlined in the Administrative Regulation 1312.4, Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures, approved by the Board on March 8th, 2005, any complaints addressed within the regulation shall be filed with the principal or designee, who shall then forward a complaint about problems beyond his/her authority to the Superintendent or designee within 10 working days. The principal or designee shall make all reasonable efforts to investigate any problem within his/her authority. He/she shall remedy a valid complaint within a reasonable time period not to exceed 30 working days from the date the complaint was received.

Complaints may be filed anonymously. If the complainant has indicated on the complaint form that he/she would like a response to his/her complaint, the principal or designee shall report the resolution of the complaint to him/her within 45 working days of the initial filing of the complaint. At the same time, the principal or designee shall report the same information to the Superintendent or designee. If a complainant is not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint, he/she may describe the complaint to the Governing Board at a regularly scheduled hearing.

Complaints and written responses shall be public records. The Superintendent or designee shall report summarized data on the nature and resolution of all complaints to the Board and the County Superintendent of Schools on a quarterly basis. The report shall include the number of complaints by general subject area with the number of resolved and unresolved complaints. These summaries shall be publicly reported on a quarterly basis at a regularly scheduled Board meeting. Attached is the summary for the first quarter of the 2017/18 school year, as described in the attached document.

Williams report
4.9. Certification by the Board of Monthly Payroll Order and Bills
Monthly Payroll and Bills
5. Announcements and Special Items
5.1. Announcements/Superintendent's Report
5.2. Resolution #2018/19/06 Regarding the Purchase of Modular Buildings from Enviroplex for project pursuant to the terms of the Piggyback Contract.
Enviroplex agreement
Enviroplex Contract Miller Creek
Piggyback Contract Award Resolution
5.3. Special Recognition of Outgoing Board members
5.4. Swearing in of New Board Members
5.5. Presentation Regarding the Brown Act (GOV Code 54950 et seq.)
Brown Act Presentation
6. Curriculum Matters
6.1. Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) timeline 2018/19
Board Report
LCAP Timeline
6.2. California Dashboard of Academic Indicators
State Indicators
7. Personnel Matters
7.1. DTA update
8. Budget and Financial Matters
8.1. Consideration of 1st Interim 2018/19 Report

Recommended Motion:

Approval of the 1st Interim 2018/19 Report is recommended. 

1st Interim 2018/19 Report
1st Interim SACS Report
8.2. 2017/18 Audited Financial Report

Education Code 41020 requires school districts to engage an independent auditor for the annual audit of their financial records and accounts. The audit for fiscal year 2017/18 has been completed and is now presented to the Board of Trustees for review. The District received an audit for 2017/18 with no audit findings.  

Ms. Sarah Fiehler from Christy White Associates will be in attendance to review the highlights of the report with the board and will be available for questions.

The full annual financial report consists of three separate parts, including Management’s Discussion and Analysis, Basic Financial Statements and Supplementary Information.  The three sections together provide a comprehensive overview of the District.  While all information contained in the report is considered important, below is an overview of the key sections:

Independent Auditor’s Report (page 1-3):  Introductory statement and disclosure as prepared by the Auditor.

Management’s Discussion and Analysis (pages 4-11):

  • Financial Highlights
  • Overview of Financial Statements:Keys to understanding the difference and the reporting of Government-Wide Statements vs. Fund Financial Statements
  • Financial Analysis of the Entity as a Whole
  • Economic Factors and Next Year’s Budget

    Basic Financial Statements (pages 12 – 23):  Consists of the Statement of Net Position, Statement of Activities, and Balance Sheet. Various categories are further explained in the Notes to the Basic Financial Statements (pages 23 - 59)

    Supplementary Information:

  • General Fund – Budgetary Comparison (page 60)
    • Compares original budget, final budget and actual revenues and expenditures for the year
  • Schedules of Proportionate Share and District Contributions for CALSTRS and CALPERS liabilities (pages 62-65)
  • Notes to Required Supplemental Information (page 66):
    • Key to understanding the Supplementary Information statement and schedules (pages 68-75)

Independent Auditor’s Report on Internal Controls (page 76-77):  Report on the District’s Internal Controls over Financial Reporting for the District.  It defines the two types of deficiencies that may occur:  Material Weakness and Significant Deficiency.

  • The report indicates that there were no deficiencies identified during the audit.

Independent Auditor’s Report on State Compliance (page 78-80):  Review of the District’s compliance with state laws and regulations.

  • The report indicates that the district is in compliance with state program requirements.

Summary and Schedule of Findings and Questioned Costs (page 81-85):   Summary and detail of audit findings.  The summary also shows the overall type of audit opinion issued for Financial Statement and Compliance for State Awards: 

  • An “Unmodified” opinion was given in the State Awards categories which is the highest opinion obtainable.

Audit Findings: None

A copy of the Annual Financial Report for June 30, 2018 was provided to each of the Governing Board members as a separate document and is provided as an attachment to this item. 

Recommended Motion:

Approval of the 2017/18 Audited Financial Statement is recommended. 

2017/18 Audited Financial Report
8.3. Change Order #1 for the Mary Silveira Elementary School Modernization Project

Twenty additive items for added work and scope revisions and one deductive item for removal of scope of work and remaining credit of unused allowance are being issued as a change order for this project totaling ($104,649).

Recommended Motion:

It is recommended that the Board of Trustees approve the Change order #1 in the amount of ($104,649) for the Mary Silveira Elementary School Modernization Project.

Change Order Justification
Change Order MES
8.4. Parcel Tax Report

The Parcel Tax Committee was scheduled to meet on October 11, 2018. This meeting was cancelled as the past members no longer wished to be on the committee. Thank you to the past committee members for their participation. 

The administrative staff has notified parent and committees that there are vacancies on the Parcel Tax Committee. Currently we have one parent who has volunteered.

The committee was scheduled to review the 17/18 Budget, 18/19 Budget and review the senior exemptions.

Included in this presentation are the 17/18 Parcel Tax Financial Summary, 17/18 Expenditure Summary, the Marin County School District Parcel Tax Summary and the 18/19 Parcel Tax Projected Summary.

This report is informational only and does not require any action.

Parcel Tax Report
9. Communications
9.1. Public Comment on Items not Specified on the Agenda
10. Organizational Matters
10.1. Organizational Meeting Elections and Calendar date selection

Election of Governing Board President

Election of Governing Board Vice-President

Election of District Clerk

Election of Marin County School Boards Association Member

Reorganization of Board Represented Committees

Proposed School Board Meeting Dates for 2019

January 15

February 12

March 12

April 23

May 14

June 4

June 25

August 6

August 20

September 3

October 8

November 12

December 10

Committee Suggestions for New Board
Proposed 2019 Board Calendar
10.2. Community Activities
10.3. Reports by Board Members on Meetings Attended
10.4. Identification of Items for Future Agenda
11. Adjournment

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