Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees
Miller Creek SD
June 25, 2019 6:00PM
Dixie School District 380 Nova Albion Way, San Rafael, CA 94903 Closed Session 6:00 p.m. - Open Session 7:00 p.m.

1. Initial Matters
1.1. Call to Order
1.2. Approval of Closed Session Agenda
2. Closed Session
2.1. Public Comment on Items on the Closed Session Agenda: 30 Minutes
2.2. Recess to Closed Session to consider and/or take action upon any item on the Closed Session agenda
2.3. With respect of every item of business discussed in closed session pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9 CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL

Due to the threat of legal action attorneys were directed by the superintendent to investigate claims against the district and recommend a course of action.  

2.4. With respect to every item of business discussed in closed session pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6: CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS District Designated Representative: Superintendent, Employee Organizations: All Employee Groups
2.5. Reconvene to Open Session
3. Open Session Agenda
3.1. Pledge of Allegiance/Patriotic Salute
3.2. Announcement of Any Reportable Action Taken in Closed Session
3.3. Approval of Open Session Agenda
3.4. Public Comment on Items on the Open Session Agenda: 30 Minutes
4. Consent Agenda - Approval by Single Motion
4.1. Approval of Minutes June 4, 2019
Minutes from 6-4-19
4.2. California School Boards Association (CSBA) Dues and Services

The California School Boards Association (CSBA) currently provides the district the following services:  

CSBA Membership 

Educational Legal Alliance Membership - legal updates 

Gamut On Line - Web based Policy Service  

Agenda On Line - Web based service that provides a tool for agenda creation and distribution.  

CSBA Invoice
4.3. Certificated Personnel Actions: Contract Updates and New Hires

This agenda item presents for Board approval the Administration's recommended certificated personnel transactions for the School District.  

All changes to certificated personnel since the previous board meeting including resignations, leaves of absence, retirements, new hires, returns from leave, releases and short term assignments are included for Board approval.

Certificated Personnel Updates
4.4. Classified Personnel: New Hires, Resignations and Updates

This agenda item presents for Board approval the Administration's recommended classified personnel transactions for the School District.  

All changes to personnel since the previous board meeting including resignations, leaves of absence, retirements, reassignments, new hires, changes of contract, returns from leave, releases and short term assignments are included for Board approval.

Recommended Motion:
Approval is recommended.
Classified Employment
4.5. Agreements: King Consulting, Lozano Smith, Aeries SIS and School Loop

King Consulting a school facility planning firm -  Agreement for professional consulting services authorized for 2019/20 for $2,475.  Any additional amounts would require new authorization.  

Lozano Smith - Annual renewal agreement for legal services for the 2019-20 school year.

Aeries Student Information System - revised renewal for the 2019/2020 school year

School Loop  - 2019/2020 Agreement for Software, Site License and Secondary Gradebook

Recommended Motion:
Approval is recommended.
King Consulting
Lozano Smith Atorneys at Law
Revised Aeries Renewal 19-20
School Loop
4.6. Disposition of Surplus/Obsolete Books
Recommended Motion:
Approval is recommended.
Surplus/Obsolete Books
4.7. Revised Certificated Staffing for Summer 2019

This updated agenda item adds one instructional day for each of the SPED three teachers on July 5th.  

3043. Extended School Year
Extended school year services shall be provided, in accordance with 34 C.F.R. section 300.106, for each individual with exceptional needs who has unique needs and requires special education and related services in excess of the regular academic year. Such individuals shall have disabilities which are likely to continue indefinitely or for a prolonged period, and interruption of the pupil's educational programming may cause regression, when coupled with limited recoupment capacity, rendering it impossible or unlikely that the pupil will attain the level of self-sufficiency and independence that would otherwise be expected in view of his or her disabling condition. The lack of clear evidence of such factors may not be used to deny an individual an extended school year program if the IEP team determines the need for such a program and includes extended school year in the IEP pursuant to subdivision (e).

(d) An extended year program shall be provided for a minimum of 20 instructional days, including holidays.

Updated Summer School
4.8. Memorandum of Understanding Between Dixie School District and Bay Area Community Resources
MOU with Bay Area Community Resources
4.9. Consolidated Application - Spring Release

The Consolidated Application - Spring Release is the process that the California Department of Education uses to distribute funds for federal programs.  

Program expenditures and allocations are calculated using the data reported in the Consolidated Application. These programs are Title I Part A - Basic Grant, Title II Part A - Supporting Effective Instruction, Title III English Learner, and Title IV Part A - Student Support. 


Recommended Motion:

Board Approval of the Consolidated Application - Spring Release is recommended. 

Consolidated Application - Spring Release
5. Announcements and Special Items
5.1. Announcements/Superintendent's Report
5.2. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding a Date and Selection Process of the Petitions Submitted to the Board by the District Naming Advisory Committee

In April 2019 the board established a process for the District Naming Advisory Committee to follow.  The facilitators of the District Naming Advisory Committee have provided a document summarizing their process for review.   

Part of this process was to submit 3-5 petitions for the board's consideration by June 25th.   An additional attached  memo outlines a process for petition consideration.  It is the same outline of the process agreed upon by the board for the consideration of petitions earlier in the year, and it is advised that the board consider this same process.

Ed Code 35001 has also been attached as it pertains to petitions for name change.    

1Ad Hoc Committee's Proposal: Board Approved
2District Naming Advisory Committee Process Summary
3Memo Regarding Process for Petition Consideration
Ed Code Regarding Petitions
5.3. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding a Date and Process for Selecting a Name for Dixie Elementary School Following Committee Recommendations
1. School Naming Advisory Committee Board Approved Outline
2. Dixie Elementary School Naming Committee Recommendations
Superintendent Memo regarding process for School name consideration
6. Curriculum Matters
6.1. Discussion and Possible Action: Final Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)

The Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) is submitted for approval annually. The purpose of the SPSA is to create a cycle of continuous improvement of student performance and to ensure that all students succeed in reaching academic standards set by the State Board of Education. With the changes in the funding system, Local Control Funding Formula and Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), we anticipate seeing changes in this template as well. At this time, to keep up with the current changes, our SPSA’s are now with Document Tracking Services.


Annually, each school submits a plan created through the efforts of the School Site Council that includes student performance data and an action plan of goals and objectives designed to improve student achievement. This year the Single Plans for Student Achievement will reflect the areas of growth for the following year to stay consistent with the timeline of our budget and LCAP.

Federal Addendum
LCAP Parents
LCAP Report
6.2. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding the Adoption of New Science Curriculum
Science Curriculum Proposal
7. Personnel Matters
7.1. Discussion and Possible Action: Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing requires that Governing Boards adopt a declaration of need annually at a regular Board meeting certifying that there may be an insufficient number of certificated persons who meet the District's specified employment criteria for the positions listed on the attached form.

 This declaration must be on file with the Commission on Teacher Credentialing before any emergency permits will be issued for service in the District.  The number of anticipated educators needed is based on last year's hiring and the total possible permits which may be required for the 2019-2020 school year due to specialized areas of need.  Although Dixie School District rarely needs to hire teachers without proper certification, this requirement must be met in case the need arises.

 The Commission on Teacher Credentialing has eliminated most emergency permits which have been replaced by Short-Term Staff Permit and Provisional Internship Permit.  The Declaration of Need is now primarily used for the issuance of certain specialized teaching permits and Limited Assignment Permits as well as Emergency Clad Permits. 

 Due to recent regulations regarding Autism Authorization, districts may need to utilize Limited Assignment Permits in order for current Special Education teachers to be compliant until the authorization has been attained through state schools and universities.

Recommended Motion:

Adoption of the Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators for the 2019-2020 school year is recommended.

Declaration of Need 2019-20
7.2. DTA Report
7.3. Resolution 2018/19-07 - Reduction of Literacy Intervention Services

The District is recommending a small reallocation of Literacy Intervention hours beginning with the 2019/20 school year. To create uniformity throughout the District, certain individuals currently within the Literacy Intervention classification may be affected positively and negatively while others will see no changes.  

With current funding levels through the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) the District needs to adjust the current level of support services. The Literacy Intervention Assistants focus on all aspects of intervention for students and their needs, not just English Language Learners.  Foster Youth, English Learners and Low Income students all fall under the district’s Literacy Intervention program. The District has determined the best way to support all Unduplicated Students is by having all sites supported equally. If future Literacy Intervention services arise, the District would follow the reemployment rights as outlined in Education Code and the CSEA Collective Bargaining Agreement.


Resolution No. 2018/2019-07 is attached, which reflects the reallocation per position.

Recommended Motion:
Approval of Resolution 2018/19-07 is recommended.
Resolution 2018-19-07 Reduction of Literacy Intervention Services
8. Budget and Financial Matters
8.1. Discussion and Possible Action: The 19/20 Budget
Recommended Motion:

Approval of the 19/20 Budget is recommended. 

a. 19/20 Budget Narrative
b. 19/20 SACS Budget Report
c. 19/20 Budget Adoption Reserves
8.2. Discussion and Possible Action: 19/20 Educational Protection Act (EPA) Resolution NO. 2019/20-03 and Preliminary Budget

On November 6, 2012, voters approved Proposition 30: The Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012.  This measure was estimated to raise about $6 billion annually in state revenue by temporarily increasing the State’s sales tax rate and the personal income tax rates for taxpayers in high tax brackets.  Proposition 55, which takes effect January 1, 2019, was approved by voters on November 8, 2016 which allowed the sales tax increase in Proposition 30 to expire in 2016 while extending income tax rates through 2030.  The statutory reporting requirements of Proposition 30 will carry forward under Proposition 55 which requires that the revenues go into the Education Protection Account (EPA) within the state’s General Fund.

Propositions 30/55 requires that each local educational agency (LEA) annually adopt a spending plan that is approved by the governing board during a public meeting. Propositions 30/55 specifies that EPA funds cannot be used for any administrative costs.  The district expends the EPA allocation on teacher salaries only. A preliminary budget for the allocation of the EPA funds is required with a final allocation at each fiscal year end.

Recommended Motion:

Approval of the 19/20 Education Protection Account Resolution and Expenditure plan is recommended.

19/20 Education Protection Account
19/20 Education Protection Account Resolution & Budget Plan
8.3. Discussion and Possible Action: Resolution NO. 2019/20-02 for 19/20 Budget Transfer of Funds

In accordance with Education Code Section 42603, the governing board of any school district may direct that moneys held in any fund or account may be temporarily transferred to another fund or account of the district for payment of obligations. This temporary transfer of funds will be accounted for as temporary borrowing between funds and will not be available for appropriation or be considered revenue to the borrowing fund or account. Amounts transferred must be repaid either in the same fiscal year or in the following fiscal year if the transfer occurs within the final 120 calendar days of a fiscal year. Borrowing will occur only when the fund or account receiving the money will earn sufficient revenue, during the current fiscal year, to repay the amount transferred. No more than 75% of the maximum of moneys held in any fund or account during a fiscal year may be transferred.

This resolution is not an indication that temporary borrowing will be needed, however, it is  best practice to have the authorization in place so if the need arises action can be taken right away. Should the need arise such action will be reported to the board in the next regularly scheduled board meeting. 

Recommended Motion:

Approval of Resolution 2019/20-02 is recommended. 

19/20 Temporary Borrowing of Funds
8.4. Discussion and Possible Action: Resolution NO. 2019/20-01, Authorization to Issue Tax Anticipation Note (TAN) 2019/20

During the fiscal year the district may experience periods of negative cash flow. The majority of our cash is from property taxes with the major disbursements being twice a year, December and April. The LCFF funding is disbursed to the district in 15% increments for July, August, September and October with 6% in January. A 1/5 balance is paid in each of the months of February through May with the balance paid in June. 

Education Code 42620 authorizes the Marin County Board of Supervisors to make temporary transfers of funds to schools that experience negative cash flow. The transfer cannot exceed 75% of our property tax allocation (see attached form). The documents required by the County of Marin are the attached resolution and TAN loan request forms. 


Recommended Motion:

Approval of Resolution 2019/20-01, Authorization to Issue Tax Anticipation Note (TAN) for 2019/20 is recommended. 

19/20 Authorization to issue TAN
9. Organizational Matters
9.1. Discussion and Possible Action: Resolution NO. 2019/20-04 Authorization to Sign on Behalf of the Governing Board

Attached is Resolution No. 2019/20-04, Authorization to Sign on Behalf of the Governing Board, which specifies the names of District officers and employees who are authorized to sign orders and other documents on behalf of the Board of Trustees during the period July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020.

This is an action which is taken annually by the Board.

Authorization to Sign on Behalf of the Board
9.2. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding CSBA Policy Workshop Service Agreement
Policy Workshop Info
Policy workshop service agreement
9.3. Discussion and Possible Action: Agreement to Reimburse the Marin County Office of Education for Half of the Total Cost of Services to be Rendered by Dr. Thomas Alsbury Subject to the Balanced Governance Solutions Agreement Between the County and Dr. Alsbury
 Dr. Thomas Alsbury conducted an initial board workshop with the Dixie School Board on May 18, 2019, introducing his research and model of balanced governance for school boards.  Dr. Alsbury has offered to provide further services to assist the board in implementing the balanced governance approach.  The Marin County Office of Education has agreed to contract with Dr. Alsbury to provide the services to the District provided that the District agrees to pay for half the total cost of the contracted services.  The item is before the board for discussion on whether to proceed with implementation of the balanced governance approach and if so, to agree to reimburse the county for half the total costs of Dr. Alsbury's services subject to the attached agreement.    

Revised Alsbury/MCOE contract
9.4. Discussion and Possible Action to Cancel the July 9th Meeting and schedule a special meeting on July 23rd
9.5. Community Activities
9.6. Reports by Board Members on Meetings Attended
9.7. Identification of Items for Future Agenda
9.8. Public Comment on Items not Specified on the Agenda: 30 minutes
10. Adjournment

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