Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees
Miller Creek SD
July 09, 2019 5:30PM
Dixie School District 380 Nova Albion Way, San Rafael, CA 94903 This meeting is being conducted by teleconference. Trustee Marnie Glickman will be joining from: Via Garzotto 8, Rovinj, Croatia. The teleconference location is open to the public. Any member of the public may address the Board from the location in Croatia. The Board will control the conduct of the meeting & determine the order & time limitations on public comments from the conference location.

1. Open Session Agenda
1.1. Call to Order
1.2. Pledge of Allegiance/Patriotic Salute
1.3. Approval of Open Session Agenda
1.4. Public Comment on Items 2, 5 and 6 on the Open Session Agenda: 30 Mins
1.5. Public Comment on Items 3 and 4 Will be Limited to a Total of Three Hours
2. Announcements and Special Items
2.1. Announcements/Superintendent's Report

Welcome new interim superintendent Becky Rosales.

3. District Name Change Public Hearing
3.1. Open Public Hearing: Petitions Proposing District Name Change (See 1.5)

A District Naming Advisory Committee was tasked  by the board with creating a process for community outreach and solicitation of new names for the Dixie School District and recommending names to the Board.  Petitions from the committee were formally submitted to the district on June 25th, with the following names:  Creekside Elementary School District, Laurel Creek Elementary School District, and Kenne Elementary School District.  

Independent of the District Naming Advisory Committee, the district also received a petition from the community to change the name of the school district to Miller Creek Elementary School District.  

The four petitions to change the name of the school district were submitted to the Marin Count Department of Elections who verified the the petitions meet the legal standard of at least 15 qualified signatures.

 Dr. Yamashiro verified that none of the four names submitted are currently in use by any other school district in California.   

1. Ed Code 35001
2. Name Check with CDE
3. County of Marin Petition Verification
4. Creekside Petition
5. Kenne Petition
6. Laurel Creek Petition
7. Miller Creek Petition
8. DNAC Emails from Public
9. Miller Creek Emails from Public
3.2. Close Public Hearing
3.3. Discussion and Action: Possible District Name Change

The Board will discuss and take action on each of the four petitions submitted to the board.

1. Creekside resolution
2. Resolution Kenne
3. Laurel Creek Resolution
Miller Creek Resolution
4. Possible Name Change for Dixie Elementary School
4.1. Public Comment on Item 4 of the Open Session Agenda (see 1.5)
4.2. Discussion and Possible Action: Dixie Elementary School Name Change

A School Naming Advisory Committee was tasked by the Board with Soliciting new names for Dixie Elementary School and recommending names to the Board.  Petitions are not legally required for the Board to take action on a school name change, so no petitions were collected or submitted, but the school committee completed its task and recommended the following three names to the Board at the June 25th meeting:  Big Rock Elementary School, Creekside Elementary School and Lucas Valley Elementary School. 

The Board will discuss and take possible action to change the name of Dixie Elementary School.

1. Memo from the School Naming Committee
2. Emails regarding school name change from public
5. Communications
5.1. Public Comment on Items not Specified on the Agenda: 30 Minutes
6. Adjournment
6.1. Next Meeting: Special Meeting July 23, 2019, 6:00 Closed Session

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